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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 4, 2021
The entire beginning monologue in the pilot was utterly disgusting. Did someone write this thinking it was enlightening? Our community is in shambles because of these toxic femininity messages.This is really low brow television. Nothing about this series is innovative and it was extremely cringe how heavily they relied on black stereotypes. The overweight hyper-sexualized dark black women, the light skin prissy black women, the I have everything but don't have a man. Stop pushing black women to emasculate black men. The premise of this series doesn't even make sense. In one breath you praise women that discard men flagrantly, take "control of their sexuality" then promote that black women can do EVERYTHING a man does, and SHOULD do everything a man does but then criticize some men for doing what you are promoting women to do. It's okay to know your limitations as a women, and lean in to your femininity. It's also okay to desire a partner that will respect, protect and provide for you. It's also ok to be submissive. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. YOU CANT DENIGRATE MEN then a few minutes later WANT THEM. This was such trash. Take notes from Insecure. Not once did they ever emasculate any of the men in the series nor did they rely on any negative black tropes. Jeez how do people not see how this series is more detrimental to our culture than any slave movie written by Quentin Tarrentino. This series is veiled as woke but really it is pushing a terribly toxic messages to women. I still can't get over the beginning monologue, how utterly dangerous to promote promiscuity in a time when black women are the highest newly reported HIV cases. It is crazy how this series promotes discarding a person when you decide you don't want to deal with them anymore rather then learn to PUSH THROUGH difficulties together. My goodness, this was pure ka ka.
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