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Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2020
I should have second guessed myself when I saw a 4-pack for this price. I guess the panic of prime day makes you not read as well. On he full version of the plugs, they clearly lable 15A capable. But on this page, not a single reference to amperage rating. Which of course means they are not 15A capable but rather "less than 12 amps". Which isn't terrible for a single lamp, fan, decoration. But if you thought you'd use it for any device you use on a 15A circuit, you would be wrong and burn up this "Lite" model. I love TP-Link Kasa stuff, I have tons of lights and sockets and 6-port power strips, I think they make great stuff. I just really really have come to despise Amazon and their incomplete or mixed up descriptions of products. Does it say "lite" up in the main part of the page? Nope, only once, way down in the specs section. So this item gets 1-star for being deceptive. FYI HS105 is the 15A product, HS103 is the 12A. P1-P2-P4 is the multi-packs.
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