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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 22, 2022
This is mainly for the person that wrote a novel for a review saying that his 256gb ad cars was only 230gb or something. But what this person fails to realize is that the space he's referring to, is what's called a swap. Some of us know it as a buffer. Basically it's memory so the card can handle it's processes within a certain time. It's not "stolen" or "lost" or whatever you may think. The data is still there but unusable simply for the fact that it's being used by the system and it's processes. Google would've told you this my guy. Any thumb drive, any external data you plug into a computer will tell you this as well. U never get 100% of what it says. And for the guy (could be the same fella idk) that claims it says it does 100mb/sex...lmfao RE READ THE DESCRIPTION. "UP TO 100MB/SEC" No where does it ever claim it does that or will do that but instead says it "MIGHT DO" 100mb/sec. This is an absolute bang for your but and if it's Amazon, chances are u won't have issues. ✌️
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