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Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2019
I've had the mouse for about 24hrs and I wanted to give my initial impressions.

First thing I noticed opening the box was when the mini USB fell out separately. The mouse was wrapped up nicely and securely. Only when the box it came in fell over was when I discovered the mini USB, meaning there is no slot on the mouse itself to stow away the mini USB. I can see myself easily loosing the USB unless I use it. I hope in future revisions of the design they include a slot to stow away the mini USB on the mouse itself. I have a cheap $20 USB/Bluetooth mouse and it comes with a compartment on the bottom to stow away the USB.

It's super clicky. My previous mouse was a Amazon recommended silent USB/Bluetooth mouse. Coming from a no-click mouse to a clicky mouse is different. I can't tell if I'm annoyed by it or if I can get use to it. It's just something I wasn't expecting and to keep in mind.

Ergonomics. I wouldn't market this as a ergo mouse. It does place the hand in slight supination and marginally less ulnar deviation compared to regular mice, but nothing too significant. The mouse has a high profile (tall) so your carples rest on the table and have your hand in extension (definitely not neutral) which can cause discomfort over time. You'll need a mouse pad with a squishy wrist rest.

Overall the mouse is good. I'll keep it for a week or so before deciding what to do, return or keep it.
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