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Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2006
What sets "Project Runway" apart are innovative contests - the first project (called "Innovation") sets the tone, as it actually involves the designers going to a grocery store with $50 and being required to build an outfit out of things they find at the store. The challenges during the series are just that - challenges; they don't take it easy on the contestants and require definite skill to succeed. The results of the tasks are definitely interesting to see, as there are some that are remarkably creative, and others that just don't work.

Another refreshing point about "Runway" is although there are definitely big personalities in the pool of contestants and the show does show some catfights and arguments, the series focuses more on the actual work that the contestants are trying to do. Additionally, some of the people are actually pleasant to one another, which is a real shocker for a reality series. Additionally, Heidi Klum actually makes a very good host, managing to not keep the focus on her in her scenes, and yet not be so subdued that she becomes a non-factor. It's a tough balance, but she achieves it quite well. The pacing and documentary-style cinematography are also faster and sharper than most similar shows on TV today.

Extra Features

The bonus features are fun, included is a series of rather interesting "WEAR Are They Now?" segments, as well as deleted "SEAMS" and a pictorial gallery of some of the designers work throughout the course of the show. The "WEAR" segment catches up with Jay, Kara Saun, Austin, Robert, and Wendy. Totaling 40 minutes in length (all combined) I found these to be fairly interesting, offering a rather extensive look into what the designers have been doing since the show's conclusion. The deleted scenes (with a total run time of 15 minutes) offer the typical helping of "the stuff we didn't show" scenes where the camera was too shaky for the footage to make the final cut. Lastly, the designer gallery is simply a slide show of the designers work including final products of clothing they made, as well as looks at sketches of ideas that they may have had during the creative design process. There are no audio commentaries on this disc set but hopefully there will be one in a future season release.

I really enjoy watching Runway, although I do not always agree with the voted off designer, it remains an edgy an innovative show. I think that just might be the charm of the show. We all have our personal favorites but you can never be sure who will win !! Each week when the current episode airs, I call my sister and we gossip through the entire show each trying to predict the winner and loser !!!
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