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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2021
I ran out of memory for apps in my Fire 4k sticks so I got one of these to replace the stick in my main theater room and am very pleased with the results. The 16 GB of memory leaves me space to add more apps and the menu navigation is much snappier than the 4k stick’s, most likely due to the Cube’s hex-core processor. It came with an ethernet adapter so I set it up using wired ethernet out of curiosity. After using this configuration for two evenings I realized that the occasional buffering pauses that I had been seeing on my three Fire 4k sticks and Recast DVR, that are sometimes all in use at the same time, was due to a WiFi bottleneck even though I had good WiFi signal strength at all of the devices. I have since repurposed the long-ago abandoned ethernet cables routed throughout my house, added a new 8-port gigabit ethernet switch to my router, bought and connected Fire ethernet adapters for each of my Fire 4k sticks, connected my Recast DVR to ethernet (it already has an ethernet port on it) and have not seen a single buffering delay on any of my Fire devices since. This Fire Cube purchase has resulted in a significantly improved streaming experience throughout my home.
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