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Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2021
I am NOT comparing the two - OK I am LOL because they sort of remind me of each other. Women trying to figure it all out while living and loving. I am always surprised at Amazon reviews - like it is so obvious that this show is not for certain people so WHY DO THEY INSIST ON REVIEWING IT MUCH LESS EVEN WATCHING IT. This is for a particular audience and you know you are either that audience OR not within the first five minutes.At that point, leave the room and let the rest of us enjoy the party! Is this show perfect - nope it has some weak points (people can point to a certain "colorism" among the friends. But this is a romping good time and I love it. The sound track is amazing and it is exactly the type of easy watching comedy/drama I need to get me mind away from some not so great things happening in the world. If we can tolerate how many seasons of Seinfeld and Friends - why can't we have these also nice things like Insecure and Harlem without people who were not invited to the party constantly coming into the room to complain about the loud music and how much fun we are having. Geez, let us live! I want to also add that the show slightly reminds me of Living Single but the male perspective is not as present as it was in Living Single - miss that show so much!!!!! But Harlem is filling a bit of that hole in my heart.
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