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Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2018
Not ready for prime time. It stopped working after just two days. And product support has not been trained. The first service rep told me to "hold down the power button for 10 seconds." The Recast doesn't have a power button! After him, I was transferred six times to a variety of reps, none of whom had any solution. Each claimed to be "reviewing the previous correspondence." But the repeated questions made it clear that if they read the earlier chat transcript, they missed all the key questions and my answers.

BTW, the issue is that the Recast doesn't respond to any device and shows a slow blinking blue light. So if you see that (after setup completes), prepare for the worst.
20 hours after my initial chat session I received an email from Amazon customer support to try a factory reset. This had no effect. So I used the "call me" customer support feature. After over 1/2 hour on that call my choices were either wait some indeterminate time for offline technical support to think of something new to try, or a refund. Note that a product exchange was NOT an option. And, as I had purchased this during cyber Monday, I would be losing that $50 discount solely due to Amazon shipping a shoddy product and would have to pay the current price if I wanted a replacement.

So, after a little over an hour on the current call (and three transfers between agents) the current status is that I will need to wait for at least two days for Amazon's developers to concur that my Recast is non-functional. Their approval is apparently required for a product exchange. The saga continues....
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