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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2021
I like it....but... The price is great and it's a simple Bluetooth mouse, when I finally got it to work. However, pairing was just plain stupid, and the manual does not provide ANY instructions whatsoever. First, my laptop would not see the mouse as a Bluetooth device at all. So I tried the USB adapter 2.4G "nano receiver". My laptop did not even recognize that adapter at all. So, back to the Bluetooth. Pressing the "pairing" button makes the light on top blink blue, so I assumed it was trying to pair. But nothing happens and my laptop does not see it. Apparently you have to press the pairing buton until the blue light blinks faster. (eye rolling here) Then my laptop detected the mouse as a "BM20X-5.0" which is not labeled anywhere at all as the device model, and is not the model number of this mouse anyway.
Anyway, I finally got it to work, and it seems fine... so far.
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