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Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2021
I was incredibly disappointed when I could no longer get sugar free cinnamon dolce at Starbucks anymore. I love a trenta double with heavy cream and sugar free cinnamon dolce. Especially when I am dieting. Regardless this is thee replacement. Flavour is on point price is terrific. Honestly I save sooo much money even though I am not the best at keeping up with brewing ice coffee at home. I can just get a large ice coffee at Dunkin or Mcdz and add the sugar free cinnamon dolce. Also I do brew a lot of ice coffee at home. I use the Mr Coffee Ice Tea maker. I just put in a coffee filter and fill it to the brim with coffee of choice. Usually Sumatran from Aldi. Makes a perfect batch of ice coffee every time. Also for a perfect cup of hot coffee get a Melitta. It's pour over, convenient and easy to use and clean.
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