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Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2020
I finally took the plunge and spent the money on this curved piece of wood that somehow looked so enticing. It’s great! My kids, ranging from age 1 and a half to 7, love to climb, balance, lay, sit, rock, slide and drive on it. It’s open ended, versatile, and suitable for so many ages! It’s also a great place for a wound up child to relax.
I can stand on it, too, though in “bridge mode,” I do feel it give slightly. As a rocker, it can support an adult with ease.
Read the fine print- they recommend using it on a carpet or rug. This is important. When dropped on a wooden or laminate floor, it makes a VERY loud noise. I hate to imagine what it would do on tile. Also, the wood is incredibly soft. When we first got it, it was used as a rocker on an unswept floor. After turning it over, we discovered dozens of tiny dents and scratches in the wood, where bits of dirt had left their marks. We now spread a towel on the floor beneath the board.
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