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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 1, 2017
I am so glad that I decided to take a chance and purchase these dog pads! First a little background info. I've been using disposable dog pads for about 7 years. I have 3 Chihuahuas that were originally trained to go outside. I used puppy pads to train them to go outside and once trained never bought them again. Unfortunately I was diagnosed 8 years ago with an illness that causes joint and muscle pain. So getting around sometimes was not an easy thing to do. I also live on the top floor with a lot of stairs. So getting out to walk my dogs was getting harder and harder to do. A kind friend and dog lover helped me to re train my dogs to use dog pads again so I wouldn't have to take them outside to use the bathroom 4-5 times a day. Now we go out once a day for a walk and fresh air. Because of my situation, I've tried every major brand name pad you can think of and even some off brands. I go through around 120-140 pads a month. I'd try one brand thinking I'd found the "one", then after awhile be disappointed by leaking, easily torn, not absorbent enough problems or the dreaded tracking of pee covered paws on the floor. Not to mention that some brands just didn't mask the urine odor very well. When I spied these Amazon basic pads, I have to admit that I was skeptical. Don't get me wrong, I love Amazon. I've been a happy customer for years. I've never tried their Basics line before tho. The word Basics brought to mind: generic. So yes I was skeptical. Id been down the generics road before, and we know how that usually turns out. The size was what made me decide to give them a try. I'd been looking for a larger pad to save money so I ordered a box. They arrived quickly with Prime shipping. Packaged in a conveniently smaller box than most brands that was easier to carry. They were enclosed in sealed plastic to keep them dry, a great idea. I can easily fold up the smaller cardboard box for recycling and stack the plastic wrapped unopened pads in a closet out of the way. The XL size is perfect! I can put 2 pads side by side to cover a larger area. So Im saving money as I only use around 80-90 pads a month now. The pads are super absorbent, the gel layer really helps to absorb and the top layer does a great job of keeping it dry. They are thicker and more quilted than most brands I've tried. There's no tracking of wet pee paws on my bathroom floor anymore. That saves me money on cleaners and paper towels to wipe up the paw prints. So for me these pads are perfect. Im using less pads now. I love the convenient packaging, the size is great, super absorbent, dry top layer to prevent tracking, great odor control and fast shipping with Prime. Also the price is good. I stock up when they go on sale to save even more money. So after 7 years I've finally found a dog pad that makes me, my wallet and most importantly fur babies happy. Unless they change them, I'm sticking with this pad. Thank you Amazon for a great product!
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