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Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2018
I have a 3yo and 7yo and they both love playing with these. We removed the ropes so my kids can place the pieces in any configuration -- as far apart as they want. This allows both of them to design courses that test the very limits of their ability. I wish I had gotten these years ago when my first child was 3yo. Instead, I had purchased a kids balance beam, but this is WAY better than a balance beam. If you line them straight up, you get a "balance beam" that's 10 feet long, but they nestle into each other so that you can store them in tiny footprint. But, unlike a balance beam, you can place the pieces in all sorts of crazy angles, make certain ones just for hands or just for feet, etc. The one thing to keep in mind, we use these on a floor covered with foam tiles and they're pretty good about not sliding around. But, if you used them on bare wood, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't stay put.
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