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Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2021
The camera will cost you about $500. Then you have to have $1000 phone to "activate it". Is just total disrespect to customers. There is no reason why they make you do that. Trying to contact customer support: no answer on that subject an all. They just stop responding to your questions. I was really very polite. Bottom line - do not buy it. If you do you will encourage other manufacturers to do the same. Anybody knows a camera with horizon line stabilization? Just not Insta360.
Update: I went to TMobile store to ask if I can use a demo phone to register the camera. Nice guys - they helped me out. Then I try to record something - what a disappointment. On my PC (3GHz+2GB RAM+ SSD) and Insta360 app it barely moves a frame. Edition is just impossible slow. So on the top of it you have to buy extra movie editor (Visual Studio?). Extra large money. So in order to get that to work: camera + new phone (only new iPhone worked) + new extra fast computer + video editing software... little too much on my budget. Only positive that if feels hefty in my hand... I guess will fly far when throwed ;)
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