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Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2021
Where do I even start. I guess backing up to why I ordered this little gem in the first place. When my gym shut down and my workouts were limited to what I could do at home (COVID), I slacked off a bit. Okay, maybe not a "bit", but enough to where I needed to make a change. New Years rolled around and although I am not one for New Year's Resolutions, I decided to make some goals, and hit the "reset" button on my fitness. My goal - core strength. My weapon, this handy little wobble balance board. Little did I know at that time it really was a "weapon".

The package arrived one evening, and in my utter excitement I unwrapped it, examined it, and decided to give it a try. I read the directions and all the safety warnings. (what happened to me was NOT part of the warning label). The directions were simple, put on flat, dry surface. It outlined beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises you do.

I eagerly slipped on my tennis shoes for "grip" and gingerly stepped on the board with one foot and then the other. I quickly realized I didn't have enough balance, so I put it up against the wall so I could hold on. I was firmly planted doing a few "test" exercises, then... DECIDED TO GET OFF. That was where the "NOT SO FUN" part began. The board shot out from underneath me like a flying saucer. It flew in one direction approximately five feet and I went the other direction, landing so hard on the floor before I even knew what had happened. I landed on my right side, on my right arm, hand, knee, hip, and ankle. As I lay there, all I could think about was what I could have possibly broken. It took me a few minutes before I even moved. After assessing the situation and determining I didn't need to scream "HEY ALEXA CALL 911", and I hadn't broken anything, I started to laugh. I couldn't stop laughing. I could only image what the whole episode would have looked like on America's Funniest Home videos. That wobble board flew, I flew (and not so gracefully).

I have been back on it, and really like it. I went wrong in thinking that I could use it on my HARDWOOD FLOORS. I caution ALL USERS to use on a mat or other grippy surface. The safety directions (although I thought I was smarter than that) do not warn against such foolishness.

Lessons learned, and I still giggle when I think back on what it must have looked like.
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