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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2021
I have a cat with a few medical issues and have been using "training pads" for years for both vomit and urine. Pads tend to be useless, budget friendly, or amazing. I consider these budget friendly.

They're adequate if they're picked up soon after being used and if your pet doesn't scratch at them. If your pet has the instinct to try to bury their mess or if you have to leave them for hours, there are better options available.

These are not thick enough (which means they will not absorb quick enough) to prevent liquid from running off of them if your pet "digs", and the longer they lay out the better chance they have of being reused and unabsorbed.

My cat tends to pee towards the edge of the pad and half the time pees A LOT, so majority of the time I'm picking these up I'm also wiping up and sanitizing the tile below them. I've recently decided I'd rather spend a little more for pads that keep my floor dry and will not be ordering these again.
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