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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2021
I bought a rechargeable mouse to try to reduce the number of batteries I'm buying (and then tossing in the trash). I found this mouse, which had so-so ergonomic features, and was rechargeable. Unfortunately, it took only two hours of use before it died and needed to be recharged! I sit at my laptop for several hours at a time. I need a mouse that can hold its charge several hours--at least one day, PLEASE. It does recharge quickly, but who wants to:
1. Stop what they are doing
2. Plug in the mouse to charge it (which then actually makes the mouse unusable!)
3. Switch back to the touchpad
4. Wait for the mouse's charge light to go out
5. And finally go back to the mouse
I should just stick with my AAA battery mouse that goes MONTHS without needing a new battery.
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