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Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2020
I so wanted to like the ear buds. I would have returned them, but I dropped the empty case, from not a great height, onto a Pergo-ish floor, and it messed with the hinge a little. My bad. But...

Point #1: The case is flimsy. And...
Point #2: The sound quality is very sharp and tinny. I downloaded an equalizer and tweaked it where it wasn't painful, but not great either.
Point #3: While the buds do provide an impressive 6 hours or so of run time, the case definitely does not provide 6 charge cycles. After the initial charging of the case with the buds in, I could put the buds into the case two more times and get a full charge. Third time, only a partial charge. After then, nada.
Point #4: No external indication of charge level, and internal light is confusing. Seems to go from green to white after first recharge.
Point #5: When using them separately, often the bud not used last won't connect. I found I had to un-pair, put both buds in the case, take out the one I want, and re-pair. Just a little inconvenient.

There are a couple of redeeming aspects.
Point #1: They are very light and small. They fit in the ears nicely.
Point #2: 6 hr run time is impressive, especially for their size.
Point #3: The ability to use both of them separately is awesome when at work and you need to keep one ear available.
Point #4: I enjoyed the light touch controls. A little sensitive, but beats pressing hard on a physical button jamming the bud into your ear canal. Kudos on that.

All-in-all, despite the low price, can't recommend these.
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