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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 30, 2019
I'm actually impressed in this little device. I've tried other car Alexa enabled devices but they've always struggled to pick up my voice over noise such as the radio, a window being down, or other people chatting in the car.

I placed this in my older vehicle that does not have Bluetooth but only an Aux port. Amazon says to use this in vehicles similarly that do not have Android Auto or Carplay so my newer vehicles didn't really need it anyway.

I've been using it for calls over my car speaker and the audio is fine and people can hear me clearly. I think it's probably about as good as my other vehicles standard Bluetooth systems.

I use it to listen to different radio stations, Amazon music or any random thing I can throw it it. It always picks up my voice no matter the sound level but I do think placement is key. Mine is ontop of my dash above my radio using the included "sticky" pad.

For the price, if you have an older car with an Aux port and would love the modern amenities of Bluetooth, you can't go wrong with this thing!
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