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Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2021
I love the idea of this. That's why I bought it for our son's 4th birthday. I still love the idea, but the execution is very poor here.
It only comes with 6 screws. 2 Flathead, 2 Phillips and 2 slightly longer bolts. The screws and bolts are not made if one piece of wood. The screw itself is one piece, and the the head of the screw and bolt are another piece, glued on. Any kind of torque and the head pops off. Rendering them useless.
It does come with a a small pamphlet showing different building ideas. The problem with that, is everything requires 3-6 screws. If one or two gets lost, it cuts the building plans considerably.
Several of the plans require the bolt type to be used because they are longer. Well with only two if them, that also cuts down what you can actually build.
So we're 3 days in, have a broken screw, a lost screw, and a broken bolt. Not much can be built with 3 shirt screws. Luckily my son loves the wooden tools, but he's constantly asking for help to build things that can't be built.
I really do wish the screws were more sturdy, and that more were included.
A lot of the blocks that have been drilled out for the screws,were painted after being drilled, making the fit incredibly difficult. Hence why we have a broken screw and broken bolt. They don't screw in to holes easily.
The case is sufficient, and the tools are cute. That's the only positives here.
I unfortunately can not recommend this, to anyone.
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