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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 9, 2022
I like the sound of these a lot, nice and warm overall with decent bass. I was quite pleased. I mainly listen to podcasts and some folk/indie/rock/bluegrass/classical/and/or punk. The noise canceling works surprisingly well but the transparency mode, not so much. It's so loud, just the ambient noise is a constant loud hiss, and odd things are amplified (a lot!).

Calling (outside in quiet, still conditions) with ANC on, for some reason, the other person was very very quiet but could hear me okay. But when I switched to transparency mode during the call by mistake, it was suddenly ear-shatteringly loud f on both ends (but upon turning the volume way down sounded okay for me and the caller, apparently.) A few other calls with NC on were fine but they were all conducted indoors, so I don't know..

I definitely dig the ear detection/auto pause/resume feature, but that would be even more useful on a pair that didn't also have transparency mode AND a pause touch control, I think.

This isn't a deal-breaker but I can't stand the way the earbuds fit into the case, they're unnecessarily awkward to put in, pretty hard to get out, and impossible not to manhandle the touch controls when trying to extract from the annoying annoying annoying case. It's just weird!
I was able to find a glow in the dark silicone Case for the case, which is nice because it has a carabiner clip on it. I found I found that rather useful to clip to all kinds of things because the case is so big I don't really want it in my pocket.

The battery life seems good, but I have not really been able to test that to the point of needing a charge because... *. Here comes the deal-breaker: no matter how much I might like these earbuds, I cannot wear them for any length of time. The right one hurts my ear terribly - it seems it bruised my ear or something the first time I tried them and even now that it has healed (took a week or so, ouch!) and I am super careful putting them in, it still causes pain, especially in my right ear but in my left one too. And they slide out. I tried nearly all the sizes of tips, too, just in case I was doing it wrong. Nope, nothing could make these things fit in my tender little ears. I have never had that problem with this type of earbud before, but now I'm so worried about finding ones that will fit and won't hurt that I don't know what the heck to replace these with. But unfortunately, they've gotta go back, I must return them and try yet another pair.

[NOTE] - I've been on the hunt for the right earbuds ever since my duolink mbits crapped out on me (left bud) which had replaced my mpow mbits (same exact but different brand names) crapped out on me (left earbud as well ). I tried the Jlabs evo something with the button (not touch), but pressing the button jammed the whole thing painfully into my ears, ugh. Tried another jlabs one (i think) but the stupid case had no lid, what is the use of that?? Then I tried whatever soundcore buds with the stem and the giant case that they sell at Walmart for $35, and i returned them because they sounded so terrible, just godawful. Even with the other eq mode, I hated them! But they were tiny and super comfortable. Then these, they sounded the best by far, oh well...Now what?
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