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Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2022
I have att 1GB fiber running to an ONT feeding the WAN port of a BGW210 gateway/router and was looking to upgrade the built in wifi of the BGW210 which has always had poor range and speed performance. I chose the TPLink Deco product family given the great price point for the features they had to offer. The Deco App is user friendly but very limited in regards to router setup so I had to do most of the advanced configuration on the BGW to get both pieces of equipment to play nice. The BGW has no true bridge mode but I was able to get it to act as a stand-alone gateway for the Deco by setting up ip pass through, disabling dhcp and most of the firewall options. Initial test results were promising with the x68 in router mode clocking in wifi speeds of up to 700mb and Ethernet speeds of up to 970mb. Where things started going south was when I noticed the second unit kept disconnecting from the wired backhaul and reverting back to the wireless backhaul which cuts the total bandwidth of the remote unit in half. Since the Deco App provides absolutely no statistical data on port status and any built in diagnostic tools kept saying everything was working great I had to insert a smart switch between the equipment to troubleshoot the issue. What I found was a tremendous amount of packet loss coming from the main deco unit, around 15-20% which made me wonder how this system could maintain a wired backhaul connection at all. After ruling out bad wiring, rebooting all network equipment, switching ports and disabling several of the advanced routing features to no avail I finally decided to see what would happen if I reconfigured the Decos to access point mode. As soon as I had my network back up and running with the Decos in access point mode the packet loss magically stopped and the wired Ethernet backhaul stabilized. In summary what this tells me is the rolling packet loss on the Ethernet ports is a firmware issue and not a hardware issue with the Decos. Ultimately I decided to keep the units since they serve my needs in this configuration and still give me excellent range and speed performance however I am a little disappointed to lose some of the cool options that router mode had to offer.
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