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Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2016
This is a convenience product I purchased to use on a camping trip. I use this product to build my recipe from (I added jalapenos and smoked corn from grill) and it was cooked in a sizzling hot cast iron pan which was preheated.

If you are looking for a more coarse authentic cornbread you may want to cook from scratch or find another mix. As I have found with other Krusteaz products the mouth feel of this bread if cooked "as is" in the box is sweet and cake like.

4.23.16: update. Tonight I made a box I had sitting in my pantry and accidently I used water instead of milk. Deciding not to throw the 8x8 pan away I baked it in the oven. They turned out fine. Golden on top and they rose well. A good thing to have in the pantry.
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