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Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2021
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 For what this item is, it's greatly overpriced. It is a straightforward on/off smart plug. In that regard, it works fine but other companies offer the same thing for much less money.

The issue is that it is only an on/off plug. When used on a lamp in a room linked together with other Hue bulbs and the Hue remote, the experience is noticeably different. I already have two lamps with Hue bulbs in the room and when you turn them on/off with the remote, they fade on/off together nicely. I got this plug because I have a 3-bulb standing light I am adding to that room and it made more sense to control the entire lamp instead of getting 3 smart bulbs. However, this plug does not provide the same experience. There is no fading on/off and there is no ability to dim the bulbs. It's all or nothing. For a smart plug/outlet, that makes sense. You wouldn't want to give half power to an electronic device like a radio, a coffee machine, etc. However, Hue is specifically branded to be a "smart lighting" line of products. Yes, there are non-dimmable lights on the market, but Hue should be consistent in their experience from one Hue product to the next so they compliment each other, or at least allow the ability to disable it if needed. Another major brand competitor sells a smart plug specifically for lighting that allow for dimming of lamps plugged into it and gives a nice smooth fade in/out, consistent with their switches and pretty much the same as the Hue bulbs do. When that brand's devices are paired together, all linked lighting devices (lamps, switched lighting fixtures) all transition smoothly together.

As a smart on/off plug itself, it works fine. Connected easily to the Hue app and worked with Google Home voice commands. It makes an audible relay click when you turn it on and off. That is consistent with other equivalent on/off plugs that I own, but added a bit more annoyance when in the same room with the nicely fading (and silent) Hue bulbs. In the attached video, you hear the clicking of the remote, but if you listen, you can hear the smart plug clicking in the background.

As for the Hue product line, I'm otherwise very satisfied. I have a mix of 4 different brands of smart switches/bulbs in my home which were driven by notably different needs in various locations (4-way no-neutral wiring, no-neutral switch without dimming, low priority spots that justified the cheapest option). I am using Hue specifically in a room where I have no switched lighting, so adding the Hue remote paired with the bulbs spread around the room worked out great for me. Controlling the various brands through a central app (i.e. Google Home) has made the differing brands seamless to manage.

Ultimately, I got 3 more Hue bulbs for the lamp instead and will be returning this plug. In the very long term it will be less cost efficient, but feels much more seemless.
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