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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 27, 2021
We finally got a broadband connection to our rural home so this is our first router. Initial setup was quick and easy and the system seemed to be working fine. However, the LAN connection to our smart TV soon developed a problem. When the TV was turned on, it would connect then disconnect, then reconnect several times and then the router would re-boot and temporarily disconnect all client devices. We contacted Asus tech support and were advised to reset the system to factory default settings and try again before returning the equipment for warranty repair. The reset did not correct the problem, so we swapped the units to try see it the fault was in the LAN port or in firmware. Swapping the units did not correct the problem. On a hunch we went to the web app and checked the system log, seeing that the problematic LAN connection was repeatedly switching from 1000Mbps to 10Mbps when first negotiating the connect speed. This was causing the disconnect/reconnect when the TV was turned on. Using app controls we set the maximum speed for that LAN connection to 150Mbs, which is more than adequate for the TV. Problem solved. We have since reported this experience to Asus tech support so they can help other users with the same issue without needlessly returning the equipment for repair.

Now that it is fixed, we are very satisfied with the system performance. We have one unit in the lower level of our 3200 sq ft home and the other unit in the opposite end of the upper level. WiFi is very good everywhere with 9 devices connected, and the LAN connected devices are working fine as well.

The phone app is useful and made initial setup quick and easy, but it shows some devices connected when they are offline and some as LAN when they are WiFi.

So happy to finally have broadband, but spending way too much time watching the streaming TV shows that we have been missing for the last 10 years. Definitely a "first world" problem.
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