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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2021
Usually, Amazon does a very good job and works hard to make it right if something does wrong. Not this time. This is not my first Echo Show. In settings, you go in and under Home Content select what you want to see pop up on the screen (News, COVID info, purchases, etc...). While the software feature is still there, what some software team decided is that they know better about what you need to see than you. Quietly, they introduced a software overide in the system which essentially disables Home Control without telling you. After wasting several hours checking my system, I called Amazon only to be told I can no longer control my visual content. Having just bought 2 new units (one for the bedroom where I don't want a bunch of stuff flashing on the screen), they are probably going back. Big Brother doesn't live here and never will. :)
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