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Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2021
It has been 6 years since I went shopping for a new mouse, my last one was Logitech too. It still works, but I decided to stray and try another gaming mouse and that was a mistake on many levels. Now my other Logitech mouse is with a family member who won't give it up (understandably so), and so I went to buy the same mouse again for myself, only to find it was discontinued. My heart dropped a little - my last mouse was Logitech Performance MX Wireless Mouse, and I LOVED it - but then with the stellar reviews of this MX Master 25 mouse, I knew all wasn't lost!

Some might balk at paying $70 (or more) for a mouse, but after I had paid that amount for my last Logitech, I knew it was so well worth the money!! And this MX Master 25 is no exception.
First of all - the fit to the hand is amazing. There is no mouse that fits the hand better, there is no straining on any part of the hand or any fingers, my wrist is comfortable, I feel it is the most natural fit and I haven't had that with any other mouse I've tried.

Also - with this new Logitech mouse, the ability for it to control 3 laptops at the same time is great!! My desktop space is extremely thankful!! I got rid of 2 wired mice, freed up a USB port to boot since one connected via bluetooth, and now, when I want to to a little gaming on the side when the workday is otherwise slow, I just flick the switch on the mouse and I'm in business and same going back. Very convenient for sure.

Anyway - I use this mouse for everything, including heavy PC gaming - I promise you, o Logitech, I will never stray towards another mouse again, no matter how many fancy lights they put on it!!!
(And judging by the durability of my last one, it'll probably be awhile before I feel the need to look at another mouse anyway .....)

So - yes - if the price tag is holding you back on this one, I just want to say go for it. It's worth every penny and also, there won't be a need to buy another mouse for years (assuming the durability of this one is the same as the previous ones) AND this is now 3 mice for the price of one as well so - there you have it!! :)
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