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Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2019
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Update 04/02/2020
First off I hope everyone is safe and healthy.
Now I believe in the review process. It lets us give an honest opinion of products. It allows us to honestly tell what we think. Now this vendor in no way has a quality product in my opinion. I tried to work with them and give them many chances. Now I get this email from them. I will never change a review or be bought

We offered free code for you to order a same replacement on Feb 12, 2020.
I just noticed that you ordered a different model HW192 not the same replacement HB192.
Please find the attachment to check it.
Even it is your mistake that ordered a different model, we still can offer a same replacement to your address directly.
Due to the Covid-19, the same replacement is out of stock.
It will be in stock in a week, we will sent it to you directly by then. Is it fine for you?

Considering the customer service and you got refund and got a working full-size keyboard, I wish you can update the rating better.
It is important for us.

I am sincerely waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

Update 03/18/2020
So the mfr keeps asking me to update my review for a keyboard that does not work since they sent me a different keyboard that does work

Yeah. I am taken back too. Might I add the keyboard shuts functions off while using it. Ummm I want function keys. Not option keys. I hit f10 to step thru code and I swap windows. Not cool. Look elsewhere these keyboards are not for professionals at all. Now they will contact me offering something new so I change my review. Sorry. I cannot be bought. I will work with any mfr. but I will not lie for them.

Update 03/05/2020
So, new keyboard (same one, but only supports one device and has usb bt) is 90% better so far. only complaint is it turned off the function keys, while using them. stepping through a program using f10, and then it threw everything into its own desktop. outside of that, its pretty good

Update 03/04/2020
Call me crazy. But I let them send me another keyboard. Well a code for one. I didn’t get this keyboard. I got the one for one device. With a USB adapter. Welp. Mind you it’s been a day but. IT WORKS. I will give it a couple days and update this again. The only thing I don’t like is I cannot pair it by itself. You must use the adapter.

Update 02/21/2020
Seller contacts me again. Says keyboard defective again. Says will send another keyboard to review. Code does not work. Asks for my address claims amazon blocks it. I tell them send me a code and I will create a new account under a different email. And no response. Just stay away. Poor quality. Crappy keyboards. They just don’t work. If I get a working one I’ll be more than happy to update my review. Might I add. I cannot be bought. I’m honest. I do not lie

Update 02/02/2020
Went into work today and keyboard was dead. Second one to die. Go figure. Gonna guess that they discontinue this one and replace it with something similar. Trust me. They should not be making keyboards. They just don’t work. Stay away from the company

Update 1/26/20
Wow. Absolutely hate it. Keeps turning off function keys. They seem to think changing f3 to whatever function they want is better. Num lock keeps turning off too. What a waste of a keyboard. Gonna look for a real keyboard as a replacement. Stay away from this company for your sanity

Update 1/15/20
Vendor contacts me. Offers any keyboard to make me happy. Apologies for asking me to raise my review. Bottom line is their keyboards are sub standard. I had issues pairing. First one stopped charging after weeks. I would look elsewhere. Their keyboards just don’t seem to cut it

Update 1/11/20
Vendor keeps asking me to change my review. Not gonna happen. I am honest and will not be bought.

Update 1/10/20
so far so good, had an issue pairing to pc, had to try 3 times but now its paired, paired to phone without issue, paired to tablet after 6 tries

Update 1/9/20
Company claims I received a defective keyboard. Although I returned it not as I claimed I would get a replacement. They offered me a new keyboard for my troubles. For their customer service I will update the review to a 3. Should it work out. I will update it accordingly. Check back soon

Update 12/24/19
Well it was good. So much for 6 mo battery. Charging for the third time. This time it’s dead and not coming back. Going to try a replacement. If that doesn’t work will return it

Original Review
Good keyboard. Works. Linked to my pc phone n tablet. Awkward typing cause it’s so flat. But otherwise works well
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