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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 4, 2022
I bought this hoping I could flash Tasmota or ESPHome on it, just to see if it was possible.
Although it does use an ESP32 module, it's only used for Wifi. It also has an Atmega AT32 for the heavy lifting (all I/O connects to the Atmega).
So Tasmota or ESPHome is not really possible.

The hardware itself seems VERY well made.
Its enclosure is properly grounded to the ground wire!
There are separate circuit boards for the HV and LV functions with lots of air gap between them.
The buttons feel very nice and have a great click to them.
The status LEDs are bright enough to see easily, but won't light up the room.

I don't see it mentioned on the main page, but there is a tab accessible while it is installed in the wall box that can physically disconnect the AC line. If you're working on the lights it's controlling, that feature makes it impossible for them to turn on accidentally. Great feature!

Setting it up with the Alexa app on my iPhone was very painless and straightforward.
Just make sure the Wifi network you connect it to has Internet access. It absolutely needs to call home to Amazon to work properly.
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