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Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2019
I recently retired after more than 40 years as a computer systems architect, and I am usually on the computer for many hours at a time - and sometimes more than 24 hours at a stretch. So when my trusty Logitech Performance MX mouse died I wanted a replacement. Now I have large hands and the description on this mouse said it was large, so before spending more than twice the money on another Logitech I decided to try this one.

It arrived quickly, and the descriptions are accurate: it is light weight. But that is pretty much irrelevant to me, so after setting it up (popping the usb plug out of the kvm switch is about all it took) I started using it.

The "fast scrolling" was a VERY important feature to me, and if you've even scrolled quickly through a 400-page technical document looking for something easy to see at high speed, you'll understand.
YES this mouse has a "fast scrolling" button. However, the mouse stop scrolling as soon I stop moving the scrolling wheel with my finger, and that is just not acceptable. (IMHO that's not even fast scrolling. Theoretically if I could move my finger fast enough the "fast scrolling" would be unnecessary.) So I immediately realized I was going to have to return it.

But I wanted to see how it performed anyway so I continued to use it for a couple of hours. Below is a listing of the problems which cropped up on those (roughly) two hours.

1) Periodically the mouse would freeze for a second or two and then continue. This was irritating at best.
2) Twice while I was NOT touching the mouse (and no other wireless mice are in use here so it wasn't a conflict with or "bleed-over" from another wireless device) the mouse cursor would suddenly start moving on its own. Both times I was typing and the mouse was resting (unmoving) quietly untouched when it happened. While it didn't actually affect what I was typing, it did bother me and was a pain.
3) Finally the "precision" was a bit off several times. I was editing and could NOT highlight individual characters while editing an equation. I finally managed the same result by deleting and retyping the entire character string, but what should have been a 2-second edit took over a minute from beginning to end.

Finally items #1 and #3 above occurred again when I took the KVM switch out of the circuit and plugged the mouse's wireless USB receiver directly into the computer. So it wasn't a KVM/mouse incompatibility issue.

Other than the above the mouse seems fairly well built (light, but that doesn't bother me) and I did not find any problems with the button placement, hitting wrong buttons or the thumb button, etc. i

I'm also happy to report that (as anticipated - actually as automatically assumed) the mouse works just fine with Linux, although I did not bother to set up the thumb buttons, etc., since I would be returning it.

My experience with this mouse was a surprise as the other Amazon products I've used have behaved exactly as advertised/expected. So I'm going to assume that I just got a "randomly malfunctioning" unit and would not say that this is a bad design or poor quality or the like. (FWIW I'll still be buying other Amazon products without any worries that they may malfunction any more than any other brand.)

Good luck and if you buy this mouse I hope it works well for you.
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