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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2018
First red flag was when I looked underneath the card. Instead of being solid black like every other SD card I've seen, it looked like a green circuit board with a strange black square on it.

Second red flag was the MUCH lower than advertised read/write speeds (only 50-55 write with mid 80s read).

Third red flag was when I tried to copy data from my old sd card on to this one. I was able to get about 21.5 GB of data on to it until it unmounted itself from my computer. I then physically removed the card and inserted it back in the computer. Windows recommended that I repair the drive, so I did. After that, I go and try to copy the data again and it unmounted itself, just like before. I tried the same thing by repairing the drive, except this time, Windows informs me that it could not be repaired! Seriously??

So much for trying to get a good black Friday deal...
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