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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 9, 2018
Hubby and I have tried a lot of different companies coffees but this is by far the best one ever!
Stumbled across the Krispy Kreme K-Cups (say that 3 times fast) at Staples so we grabbed them to give it a try. Honestly, we both sipped our coffees about the same time and I swear our eyes this is not a scene at a bar... and it was like slow motion. Our eyes got big and we both opened our mouths (stawwwp it!) in I guess shock and excitement and we couldn’t stop raving about it. It was actually hilarious but I swear it’s true.
I hopped on Amazon and we grabbed a big order and well...we are now all living happily ever after!
Now go try it!!!!
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