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Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2019
So - to edit my previous review, the customer service is amazing! DuoTen reached out and sent me a new pair of headphones right away when they discovered I was having issues and after getting to try them I haven't had ANY of the issues I experienced with the original pair. The earbuds both lit up when replaced, and synced easily to my computer in a pair. When I used them, I didn't experience skips or buzzing either! I'm pretty sure I just happened to get a faulty pair last time - and that was easily replaced!
So far I have a love-hate relationship with these earbuds. Setup was complicated. For the longest time, I couldn't get the left earbud to work at all (show red light for charging, blue/red to pair, to pair/connect ANYTHING) and I was about to think I had a broken/defective set. However after resetting twice and fiddling I finally got both to show charging RED LED's. However THEN I couldn't get them to pair together. Another half an hour and resetting them again before they were finally in twin mode and connected to my laptop.

When I finally got to try them out? They were great!! The sound quality was pretty good (above my skullcandy earbuds, below my Sony Wireless Pulse Elite headset I used for gaming), but they were also so comfortable and of such a good quality that sometimes I forgot I even had them in. Now - I also have had a few issues. Sometimes there's crackling/static sounding noise that comes from them which is a little annoying and makes the sound a bit less clear sounding. ALSO, one of my biggest issues with these so far is that either side randomly will fade out and then back in. Or cut in and out. There's no rhyme or reason for this, and I thought maybe it was just because they hadn't charged enough, but I allowed them to charge all night while I was working and when I came back they still did this. I'm also not completely a fan of the 'touch controls'. I'm a little afraid to use these with my phone as I'm /sure/ i'll accidentally end up calling someone.

I'm going to give these a week or so and see if I can't work out the kinks because I really do want to like them! The case is nice too, small and lightweight with a magnetic clasp. However if I can't get them to stop randomly cutting out then I might as well go back to fighting with tangles and being tied down by cords.
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