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Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 21, 2022
I love it! I actually ordered second desk lamp after using the 1st one for for few days. It arrived on time, well packaged in perfect condition. Assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow. It took me longer to unpack the lamp then have the base assembled with lamp ready for use. The touch switches work great. I have 2 lamps for few weeks and not a one instance of switch not responding to touching it with finger. The big plus is having the phone charger outlet allowing for the phone to be always charged and ready on the desk. The dimmer and light color have a good range of adjustment. The lamp has no memory for last used settings, which means the intensity of light and the color need to be set every time lamp is turned on. That said, it is not a problem for me. It takes few seconds to adjust the light to my liking. Also, depending on what I am working on the computer and how my eyes feel, I change my settings all the time (I have fun doing it). Lastly, it is important to compare the value proposition of the JUKSTG desk lamp to lamps I have look at in my local department store. For the same price the lamps in the department store had only ON/OFF mechanical switch, no phone charge, no light color and intensity adjustment and the design looked boring. JUKSTG has great modern design and all the functions users eyes appreciate. It also have a night light with sleep / timer mode which I learned to appreciate.
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