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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 13, 2021
I am beyond disappointed and a bit worried honestly. I hope with everything I have that no babies are sleeping on a sheet like the one I got. At this point I feel like even if you can manage to eventually get the smell out, I would not trust this sheet.

I received this sheet today, and upon removing it from it's packaging, the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming smell, like gasoline, radiating out of the fabric. I would describe it as an assault on the olfactory senses. I am not kidding... it was THAT bad. It gave me a migraine. I also noticed that it is not soft at all, but rather slightly stiff and scratchy. I immediately threw it in the wash, but that seemed to do nothing, so I washed it two more times, and this thing still smells so strong that it's now disturbing me wondering what it is that is holding on so tight to this fabric that is being sold for BABIES!!! It softened up only slightly, by the way, but who even cares about that at this point. I quickly contacted Amazon, and received a refund. Please do not buy this sheet. I don't know if the other designs are okay, but definitely beware of the "Outdoor Adventure" pattern.
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