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Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2020
So after a month of use, here is my review:
The good:
1- Looks good (I have the gray one that matches my laptop)
2- Quiet which helps during conference calls and quiet/listening in meetings
3- Battery life is great. I honestly cannot remember when I charged it last time
4- Price
Areas For Improvement:
1- Sleep mode: I noticed that when no action, it seems to go into a sleep mode, which is a good thing to conserve the battery, but when you try to get back and do something quickly, I had to turn it off and on (which may be a user error) to get it to work
2- Hand Rest Support: This is also a catch 22, it is designed to be small and flat enough on purpose, but I honestly could use some support in the arc area of my hand like the fat ones give :-). Maybe this is only if you are planning on using it as your main mouse and for the whole day. I only use it when I am going to a meeting.
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