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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 6, 2022
This is an awesome desk lamp. I got it via Amazon warehouse so the box was a bit banged up but that was to be expected since it wasn't sold as brand new. It is very light and took just a couple minutes to put together. It comes with a small screwdriver and two screws. You use one screw to screw on the base. The second screw it an extra in case you need it in the future.

It has a timer so you can set it to turn off it you fall asleep with it on. There are variety of brightness levels which is really nice. It is plenty bright enough to serve as a desk or reading lamp. The base has a few touch buttons to adjust the brightness and set the timer. They all work well and require just a gentle touch to use.

It would be nice if the power cord was a little longer and if the height could be adjusted. The top piece that contains the light can be moved around a bit but the overall height cannot. To compensate for that you may need to put it on books or a block of wood or something if you need to raise it up a bit.

Overall, it is a great lamp. For somewhere between $20 and $30, it is a good deal, a better lamp than one that just has a light that goes on and off. If it had a longer cord and a height adjustment it would be perfect!
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