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Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2020
Buyer beware! I purchased the Pampers pure in a size two last month and had no issues. My LO is growing fast and now wears a size 3. While using these I began to a have an allergic reaction every time I touched the diapers. The reaction was similar to what I would experience when I come into contact with latex. This product is supposed to be made without latex so I’m not sure what was triggering a reaction. Upon closer inspection there was a strong chemical/ burnt rubber odor on the diaper. When LO would pee the odor was stronger, this was alarming for a product that has “pure” and free from chemicals as it’s selling point. I was looking for a brand that was chemical free however this wasn’t it. Don’t trust what’s on the box...there is definitely some form of chemical used to make this product or possibly latex. Not so pure and not so kind for babies skin. Subscription cancelled for both diapers and wipes, super disappointed. I’ll be looking for another brand ASAP!
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