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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 30, 2020
I ordered the mattress-in-a-box first. Don't do that. Then I finally decided on this bed. Ordered it. Amazon took their time shipping it out (about 4-1/2 weeks). I kept checking my phone. Still not shipped. And I have Prime. The rolled-up mattres arrived within the first week and sat... in the box. After 3 weeks I researched to see if it is okay to just leave the mattress rolled up. No. It is not. You're supposed to unroll the mattress as quickly as possible because prolonged compression makes mattresses-in-a-box "deteriorate." Great. Still no bed so I opened and unrolled the mattress atop an old rollaway bed. It looks like I got lucky there but the rollaway is shorter and much narrower than standard twin mattresses so until it's on a bed it fits and it's being used I won't really know. The mattress, is also from Amazon.

Finally, at about the 7-week mark, according to Amazon delivery updates on my phone, the bed arrived at a warehouse ten miles from my home. Then 3 days passed, the last update didn't change and I'd had enough so I called. Mind you, the last "update" still indicated the bed was sitting in a nearby warehouse. But when I spoke to the CSR I was told the price I'd paid for the bed had already been "refunded" to my checking account. I'm looking at the last update on my phone and thinkin 'Come again?!' I asked him to wait while I checked. Yep. The purchase price had been refunded a week prior... Nobody asked me if I wanted to try again or accept a refund so the choice was made FOR me, leaving me still waiting, with no update to my order in my Amazon "Your Orders" page. Still plenty in stock... Whatever. Lesson learned: Do not order furniture from Amazon.

I ended up buying pretty much the same bed in the same color (in velvet, rather than tweed) from a competitor. I thought that was going to be a mess, too but I happily received THAT bed within two weeks. I hope I won't have any trouble putting IT together (missing or odd parts, weirdly mismatched drill holes...), have fit issues between the mattress and bed or, God forbid, need to order a bunkie board from Amazon.

When I spoke with the Amazon CSR (none of this was HIS fault) I asked what happened. He had no idea (no notes in the computer...) but suspected it arrived damaged. But what's left a bad taste in MY mouth are the not-updated messages from Amazon regarding this order, not knowing the mattress could have been destroyed if I hadn't researched the posibility of damage IF left in the box, and the unnecessary waiting when I could have gotten something else long ago and had everything done a month ago.

If YOU order, know that 1) The pandemic is everyone's excuse for delays, 2) Wait till you've RECEIVED and put together the bed, THEN order the mattress... then 3) Pray the measurements all jibe and time-consuming (and patience-consuming!) adjustments won't need to be made. Good luck.
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