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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2020
This is the WORST item I have ever ordered through amazon. It is a disaster to put together. The screws do not fit in the holes. Both manual and electric screw driver only got the screws about half way in and then stuck and stripped. I contacted KidKraft who said they would replace the pieces that don’t work. They then proceeded to send me the wrong pieces and another set of screws that do not nearly fit. My hand is all torn up from trying to get them in the one side that I do have. My 300 pound husband has used all of his weight and strength to no avail. I have now contacted them again to try and get the correct replacement pieces and yet another set of screws. This is ridiculous. I would have just returned this piece of junk for a refund but since the screws are stuck in the side with the poles hanging out, it will not go back in the box and I am not about to pay to ship a huge item back. Do not be fooled by the cute pattern. It is JUNK!
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