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Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2018
I connected this Ethernet adapter to my firestick, and then the power cord for the firestick connects to the ethernet adapter since the firestick only has the one input. Just so everyone can understand this clearly, the power comes from the wall outlet, connects to the Ethernet Adapter and the Ethernet Adapter connects to the firestick so, in essence, the power cable provides power for both the ethernet adapter and the firestick. Anyways, I was noticing very slow internet speeds (~ 15 mbps) using a speed test app downloaded on my firestick which I thought was weird since i normally test about 250 mbps on my laptop when its directly plugged into my router. So, I just assumed it was the in capabilities of the firestick to handle the higher speed. I then, for shoots and giggles, decided to disconnect the ethernet adapter and use only the firestick's built-in wifi connection and then - whamo! So much faster! For me, the Wi-Fi of the firestick performs better than using the direct connection of this ethernet adapter! So my advise to you is if you are so far away from your wi-fi connection that you get a weak signal from it, then I suppose hardwiring the ethernet cable to the firestick using this adapter might work for you. But if the firestick is close enough to the router (less than 20 feet) I suggest to just use the built in Wi-Fi of the firestick.
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