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Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2021
I've purchased other brands of beet sugar, and I will stick with this one. The flavor is perfect, and the pieces (at least in my bag) were pretty regular in shape. They were mostly 1/4-inch cubes, which dissolve faster than the irregular pieces of other brands. Another reviewer mentioned the odor of this versus cane sugar. I had not considered that before, but beet sugar, in my opinion, has a MUCH better odor. It's a nice sweetness that doesn't overpower your tea/coffee, but simply enhances it. And I like it much better than regular white sugar. (I live in a State that produces much of the beet sugar made in the USA, so I'm used to the taste. But I think this is much better that that, or than cane sugar.) Very happy with this brand.
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