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Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2019
Be wary of this company. I posted a negative review and was contacted and offered money/Amazon credit to remove my negative review. On that note I will reiterate my safety concern regarding this product. Be very wary, I placed my then 4 month old puppy in the kennel while I went to take a shower. Before I even made it into the shower I heard the most horrible screaming crying coming from said puppy. I ran downstairs to find that he had gotten his mouth stuck in the crate between the crate itself and the bottom of the crate. Thankfully I was able to pry him out without much harm to either of us but I am thankful I was home when this happened as generally we only use the kennel when we leave the house. Again buyer be aware! Any company that is offering cash for the removal of a negative review is shady at best!
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