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Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2021
You can't really expect an autobiography to share the worst along with the best, and this film sticks with tradition in that way. This film is extremely well done, but it focuses on the complementary aspects of Val's life. His successes. His brilliance and his creativity. His friends. His triumphs. What some know, though, is that there's also another story to be told about Val Kilmer that will probably never see the light of day. He has hurt people. A lot. He has lived his life with his own personal gratification as the center of it. His ego. His goals. His path -- which sometimes goes right over people instead of with them. I was one of many who went out of my way to help him realize a dream, only to be betrayed and cheated by him, so I know firsthand the side of him that's not shown in this film. There are many Kilmer stories like mine.

And one other thing. This film offered a great opportunity for Val to share that he was a heavy smoker for decades, and that throat cancer was the price he paid for his poor judgement. He could have talked about what a mistake his smoking was -- but he didn't mention it a single time, leaving most to wonder whether that dangerous habit was even a part of his life. It's just another example of how he lives to serve himself, when he could do so much more with his life.
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