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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 2, 2021
Overall, I really like these earbuds. I am not a audiophile, but I do notice sound quality and want something that is better than average. I can tell they aren't going to match the highest quality, highest price pair of headphones out there (there can be some distortion, especially with some songs with more bass). I joke with my wife that I am a collector of earbuds/headphones as I seem to be on constant pursuit of my next pair (each a very different style as I like different styles for different uses). Before this set, my favorite pair was probably my Jabra 85h. Being an over ear headset, though, they would often get too warm if I used them while exercising or too bulky looking when on a webcam visit. So, I wanted to find a better pair of earbuds than I previously had tried.

The pros of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro:
Look great
Useful app that customizes the sound (especially now that they added volume controls as an option)
I prefer the touch buttons that don't require a hard press
Sound great
Active Noise Cancellation is quite effective--especially with the variety of noise cancellation settings

The cons:
(SEE UPDATE) While you can customize the function of the touch buttons, there is no option to change the volume with the touch buttons. This was a surprise because my wife has the Liberty Air 2, and that was an option on hers. Not sure why they removed some of the customization options.

Wearing them HURT in my ears. I had to buy memory foam tips that were longer. Now they are not great, but pretty good (instead of hurting within minutes, I can wear them comfortably for 2+ hours before they start to become uncomfortable). The tips that came with them (I tried the different sizes) would hurt bad enough I could barely make it through an hour-long meeting. I believe, for me, the problem was the shape of the round end of the earbud doesn't fit well in my ear. Once I found foam tips that were longer, the earbud could stay in my ear firmly (they also improved noise cancellation) but the hard earbud didn't have to be pressed in as far and the comfort significantly improved.

(SEE UPDATE) The battery life is no where near advertised. I am hoping this is a problem with my set and I am looking to get them replaced--not that it is true to every pair created. I have reached out to the company (my experience with Anker in the past with their other products has been excellent and I believe they are the company that makes the Soundcore earbud). They advertise lasting 7 hours and getting 3 charges from the case. They often felt like they would run out much quicker, so today I paid closer attention and tracked my use. They finished fully charging in the case 100% when I started using them this morning. I was using them for 5 hours--almost 3 hours on phone calls, the other 2 hours I was wearing but not listening to any sound (a small amount of that time I wasn't wearing them at all). Then I received the "low battery" notice and checked the app--which showed they were about to die. Also, I only get 1 to 1.5 charges from my case before I need to recharge the case. Now, the case does recharge fast and the earbuds recharge fast in the case (I haven't timed either to say exactly, but I am surprised to see how quickly they charge ... and a quick 15 minute charge does give me enough to do another hour-long call). Given that I mainly purchased these to do my work meetings (which are now all virtual) and I work 8-hour days with 4-6 hours of meetings some days, I was expecting them to last the 7 hours so I wouldn't have to worry about them dying on my in the middle (or sooner) of my day.

(SEE UPDATE) Again, I hope the company will replace my current set and the new ones last as advertised. I also feel they are not perfectly comfortable for extended wear, but do significantly better with my foam tips (of course, everyone's ears will be different and I read reviews that said they were very comfortable and others who also needed to replace the supplied tips with foam ones).

Currently, I would grade them a "B". If they can resolve my battery issues and I base my rating on the comfort after I replaced the tips, I would grade them an A- or even an A.

UPDATE 3-4-21: First off, let me say that you are going to have a hard time finding better customer service than you will get with Anker/Soundcore. I reached out to the company with my concerns. They very quickly responded and offered to send me a replacement pair. Unfortunately, they were out of the blue pair I purchased. They also offered to send the blue pair as soon as they were in stock. They have followed up to make sure the replacements were meeting my needs.

The replacement earbuds have resolved some of the concerns that I had. They are holding a longer charge--although still less than I had hoped. This may be due to optional settings--volume, noise cancellation, etc. I get somewhere from 3-4 hours of use (meaning time on a call, with maybe 1-2 additional hours of downtime between calls where they are still on). What did significantly improve with the new pair was that the case now charges my earbuds 2.5-3 times. I am also very impressed with how quickly the case itself charges (I use a wireless charging pad) and how quickly the case charges my earbuds. So, while it would be great if they lasted a full day on 1 charge, instead they can last a full day because I can quickly charge for even just 15 minutes between meetings to get more than enough to add an extra hour or more.

I also found the replacement pair has improved the noise cancellation. It won't block out 100% sound (especially depending on the frequency), but I was amazed when I put them on once when my son was practicing his violin. I had to remove them to check to see if he stopped playing as I was amazed that I couldn't hear it anymore (maybe they should market them to parents with kids learning a new instrument :).

I also was very glad to see that they had updated the app and now I can choose volume + and - as customizable options for the touch controls. I hope they continue to add more customization options (one tap, double tap and hold for 2s ... currently they don't have an option for single tap). I had to choose between several options I wanted because of the lack of a single tap option. But, I was glad I could now choose volume as that is a much more common need when using them.

Overall, they are a great pair of earbuds and I don't see me needing to go hunting for a replacement pair anytime soon. When I do, the quality of these and of their customer support will have me starting my hunt with something made by Anker.
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