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Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2021
I only buy these on prime day because they are poor value at full price and it takes a year to forget how frustrating they are to manage your child's content. This year I got the "pro" thinking it might be better. It is better, but kind of like getting hit by a car is better than getting hit by a bus.

The mechanisms to manage child's content is still awful. I'll try to be constructive here in the hopes that it may, one day, result in a better product.

First of all the home screen is inundated with suggested content. So much so that finding what is actually installed is very difficult. And of course all the suggested content appears to already be installed, so my kids start tapping on any fun-looking app graphic and they are either frustrated the didn't start right away (because its downloading/installing) or they fill the tablet up with junk games.

When you go to manage individual apps, there appears to be no way to actually remove an app. Any app my child has ever downloaded appears in the list. If I remove it from my profile it still appears for them. Further, you have to uninstall the app and then go and uncheck it, so it required two actions to "hide" it (because its never actually removed). There is no "remove all" or "uncheck all" so it becomes a tedious exercise to scroll through an ever-expanding list and uncheck. The app management tool in your profile comingles all devices and profiles making it impossible to know which device/profile has what installed. And there isn't a way to check all items, so again, its individually removing every garbage app my child has clicked on.

Lastly, there is no way to test your settings so you can be sure you've properly enabled what you want your child to have access to, so I'm constantly having to switch between profiles on the tablet, which every year, is frustratingly slow - even for new purchases.
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