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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 11, 2017
This is by far the best WIFI extender I have ever used. I have a multi level house and wifi is challenging. Full signal in some parts of the house and in others,..there is none. I have tried MANY MANY wifi units similar to this. I'm very tech savvy and pride myself in figuring stuff out with out directions. However, that is very different with some wifi extenders. They are complicated to set up and do not work good at all. I had good luck with the TP-Link light sockets with the echo and setup was a breeze. So I decided to take one more shot at yet another wifi extender. Choosing the TP-Link in hopes it would work just as good. I really don't understand these other reviews that state how hard it is to set up. This wifi extender is truly easy to set up. This is what i did,....Quick instructions right on the side of the box. Plug in the TP-Link, close to your router, the green light flashes, press the WPS button on your router, then press the signal button on the extender. The green light flashes, goes solid green, goes solid red then after 5-10 seconds the light stays solid green. The unit is now paired with your router. Now, Unplug the extender, walk to a midway point in your house close to the dead spot and plug it back in. It will blink green again, then solid green, then solid red, 5-10 seconds it turns solid green. Open any device you want to use for wifi, go to wifi settings and find your wifi name. Except the word _EXT will be after the device name. So if your normal wifi is GOOBER616 for example. It would now show as GOOBER616_EXT, Choose the Ext one and enter your normal password for wifi, and BOOM, FULL wifi signal. I now have wifi in every room in the house. If you plug the unit in and the light stays on solid yellow? Then move it to another socket closer to the router. Hope this helps anyone who has or has had a problem.
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