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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2018
First, I know tech.

I struggled to get it to work the first time. I paired and unpaired 3 times over 3 days. The final time was a charm. It is worth it once it works. The TV tells the firestick what the remote should do.

Steps. 1 Pair the device.
2. The firestick updates.

The real issue is that the instructions give no indication about the remote updating. Just says pair the device and your done. Well, if it didn't update properly and the volume buttons don't work it should specifically state to try again and even show what to expect. Even a manually update would help.

I did call tech. Spoke to 3 reps. No one had a clue what I was trying to do. Interesting that Amazon could get on my tv and take control. Bizaar yet didn't help at all. Service rep was confused and hard to understand.

Overall product is great. Just need clarity on set up.

**** update. After working correctly, it failed again. Discovered 2 things. First, there is a manual update once paired correctly. Its in the settings tab. Equipment control or something like that. I setup this way a second time and it worked again.

Also, when you setup, the remote says to plug into the original usb adapter. Do this instead of the TV. The setup says that it needs the right power supply. I know the tv provides the correct power so I moved on. However, the install stalls when you shut the tv off and the stick powers off. It continues upon restart but when I tried this a few times and it stopped when i kept constant power to the stick while I shut the tv on and off.

It works.. Keep tinkering.
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