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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 2, 2017
I've been a Tide user all my life until I switched to an all natural detergent last year. I started using Charlie's Soap a year ago and I loved it. Then two months ago, just as I ran out of my last bag of Charlie's Soap, Amazon didn't have it available. So I decided to try Nellie's. This review is basically a comparison between Charlie's Soap and Nellie's.

Blood Stains: My son has a lot of nose bleeds, especially at night and gets blood all over his sheets.
Charlie's Soap: Blood is gone or at least very faded on his white sheets after one wash.
Nellie's Soap: Used this in conjunction with Nellie's oxygen booster. Blood stains maybe faded slightly but still dark. It did very little to remove the blood stains.

Laundry Machine: When I used Tide, my front loading washing machine started smelling, even though I would leave the door open between loads to let the machine dry properly and try avoid that mildew smell. There was a white layer around the window part of the washing machine door from all the detergent build up.
Charlie's Soap: After a few washes, that mildew smell went away. Also, that white layer of detergent build up from all the Tide went away. In addition to cleaning my clothes, it cleaned my washing machine too! After using Charlie's Soap for a year, there was no smell in my washing machine and no detergent built up on my window.
Nellie's Soap: After using Nellie's soap for almost two months, the window on my washing machine door is starting to develop a white film over it again. There is a smell starting to develop inside the drum of my machine.

Smell of laundry: I am sensitive to heavy perfume smells and am ok with my laundry devoid of any scents using natural cleaners. My cleaning lady uses about 50 cotton rag/towels to clean my house every time she comes. So these rags are soaked with cleaning solutions she uses to clean and mop the house, like pledge, Mr. Clean, scrubbing bubbles, etc.
Charlie's Soap: After washing the rags with Charlie's Soap, these cleaning towels come out clean and has no scent left over from any of the cleaners whatsoever.
Nellie's Soap: After washing the rags with Nellie's soap in conjunction with Nellie's oxygen cleaner, the rags still have cleaning solution smell of Pledge and Scrubbing Bubbles left on them. It obviously isn't a doing a good job of cleaning these rags.

Overall, I am disappointed in Nellie's Soap, especially after the thousands of excellent reviews it has received. I do about 6 loads of laundry a week. I don't notice a big difference in washing every day clothes that don't have any stains on them, but that is not where it counts. For blood stains, grease stains, smells and the overall maintenance of the washing machine, I find Nellie's Soap to not work well at all. I would use it until I am done with the tin, and I'll be stocking up on Charlie's Soap to make sure I never run out of that again.
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