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Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2018
I was worried because of all the hype. But, I broke not a part and had no problem...even while having just finished 10 ounces of wine. So, I timed the process and, in crayon, recorded each step. Took me exactly an hour and a half once I had parts organized and sorted. Step 1: most difficult and annoying part, but thanks to another reviewer, I did use a flat head screwdriver to push the small button in for each and every piece, so my fingers did not hurt after all was said and done. This step took 20 min. Step 2: 3 min. Step 3: 7 min. Step 4: 7 min. Step 5: 8 min. Step 6: 15 min. Step 7: 3 min. Step 8: 1 min. Step 9: 1 min. The remaining time was spent gathering pieces, reading directions, laughing with my partner. When all was said and done, I would say not worth $144, so whoever is profiting off this is making a killing (I assume). But, it is replacing the wooden pikler triangle we used the past year, so this will likely last us 2 years.

Edited summer 2020 to add: I disassembled this after years of use and re-sold for about 75% of the cost. Under-construction wasn't bad...just be sure to use the blue handle-tool that it comes with. I often put spare parts or keys with the instruction booklets in a plastic sealed bag and label it a d tack it to the wall in our stairway to the basement.
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